الاثنين، 13 أكتوبر 2008

Back 2 school

hi guys,

am back its school time, gash i miss thoese days

we r back 2 collage, what a start, & wat abad 1st day

i met wid ma friends i took 2 lessons & ofcourse i wasnt in a mood 2 listen 2 the doctors so i understood nathin u have no idea how i miss school & how we used 2 have fun especialy my school it was sumthin else, now all i gatta do s 2 live with the fact that am n collage & there still be years of mo3ana b4 i bcum a doctor

God help us with a place like this

السبت، 9 أغسطس 2008

Hi Again

i know its been 4 ever sience the last time, but i had some ishues, yeasterday was a special day, it was the birthday of my best friend, she s a blogger, not just bcuz she s my friend she s agood person , happy birthday weida i believe u r ganna b sum1 very imp sumday, i love u

& i wanna say welcom 2 my bestfriend sara

الأحد، 6 يوليو 2008

happy birthday

Today the 6th of july, a special person was born, the most amazing wonderful,sweet, talended, person i ve ever met, no words could describe this person, closer to me than myself.

i wish u happy birthday, agood life, to be blessed n each step u take, health, to be successful n ur life & ur studies, to be as u r, & 4 us to b always 2gether.

Happy birhday

الأربعاء، 2 يوليو 2008

city of love

Italy, Vanece

i went there with my school for a whole week, its one of the most amazing places ive ever been,i had a blast there,i feel so lucky 4 having that chance

الثلاثاء، 1 يوليو 2008

Nate Berkus

the most gifted designer ive

ever seen.

he makes wishes come true, he makes wonderful rooms & places 4m garbage

Not only talented, i bet he can read ur ideas & make them sth extremely
His new book (Home rules) one of his lines : let each room tell a story about who you are, your home is one of your greatest reflection,

I passed

Thank God after 2 months of studying i passed my exams,am at 3rd yaer of med. now, i feel like agrownup